21 Perfect DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is all about giving, right? Watching your child, friend, mother, husband or whoever it is open your Christmas gift to them is priceless. Now how about if that gift is made with your own fair hands!

Giving a handmade Christmas gift is a very special thing, and you don’t even need to be particularly skilled at crafts. There are many ways to DIY a Christmas gift and for it to still be amazing.

These DIY Christmas gift ideas are really quite incredible. Whomever you are giving them to will never guess they were homemade, but will be so impressed when they find out!

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29 Stylish DIY Christmas Garlands

Get your home ready for the Holidays with these stylish, yet simple DIY Christmas garlands. Garlands are a great way to decorate your home as they can have a big impact for minimal effort.

With the repetitive nature of a garland they are perfect for DIY Christmas projects and for getting the kids involved in decorating for Christmas.

We’ve brought together the most stunning DIY Christmas garlands in one place to inspire you and give you the ideas you need to get started with decorating your home for Christmas.

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33 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments seem to go up in price every year, especially if you want something really unique and interesting. To counter effect this, it can be a really good idea to make your own DIY Christmas tree ornaments.

Making your own ornaments will not only save you money, it will also be fun, especially if you are doing it with kids.

We have brought together what we think are the best DIY Christmas tree ornaments out there in one place for you. There are some amazing projects in this list and we’re sure you will find something perfect for you, or at least find inspiration to make your own Christmas tree ornaments.

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19 Awesome DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Do you love decorating your front yard for Christmas? I think we should abandon any thoughts of being tacky or over-the-top and get our outdoor Christmas decoration game on!

There is nothing like the sense of excitement and joy around the Holiday season and coming home to a well decorated front yard this Christmas will just help make it all the better.

You don’t need to spend a fortune making your outdoors stand out among your neighbors, you can DIY virtually anything!¬†We’ve brought together this amazing list of DIY outdoor Christmas decorations to make your life easier and your wallet sigh in relief!

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27 Stunning DIY Christmas Decorations

We absolutely love Christmas in our household and decorating the house for the holidays is a major event. If we can do it with our own DIY Christmas decorations then it becomes even more fun!

It can get very expensive to prepare for Christmas, and the little ones become more and more expectant. Trying to fill a home with a Christmassy feel can be a drain on your bank balance. But if you can make a good portion of your Christmas decorations yourself then you could save a lot of money.

This big list of DIY Christmas decorations aims to help you create a stunning holiday environment on a budget. You’ll find all of our favourite ideas and inspiration to DIY your Christmas this year.

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