27 Stunning DIY Christmas Decorations

27 Stunning DIY Christmas Decorations

We absolutely love Christmas in our household and decorating the house for the holidays is a major event. If we can do it with our own DIY Christmas decorations then it becomes even more fun!

It can get very expensive to prepare for Christmas, and the little ones become more and more expectant. Trying to fill a home with a Christmassy feel can be a drain on your bank balance. But if you can make a good portion of your Christmas decorations yourself then you could save a lot of money.

This big list of DIY Christmas decorations aims to help you create a stunning holiday environment on a budget. You’ll find all of our favourite ideas and inspiration to DIY your Christmas this year.

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Let’s dive into these Christmas decoration ideas!

‘Truck in a Mason Jar’ Snow Globe Decoration

DIY Vintage Truck Mason Jar Snow Globe Christmas Decoration Source: It All Started With Paint

This gorgeous little mason jar project from It All Started With Paint evokes some strong memories of picking up the Christmas tree in the family car.

It’s such a simple way to create something really cute with just a small mason jar, toy pick up and Christmas tree and some flakes of fake snow.

Burlap Country Style Ornaments

DIY Burlap Ornaments Christmas Decoration Source: Trinkets In Bloom

We the love the simplicity and rustic charm of these burlap ornaments from Trinkets In Bloom.

You don’t have to be good at sewing, but there are lots of great things you can do with some red wool. You can paint on the burlap if you don’t want to sew though.

DIY Salt Dough Ornaments

DIY Salt Dough Ornaments Christmas Decorations Source: Country Living

Salt dough is a fantastic way to create something quickly, easily and cheaply. These salt dough ornaments from Countryliving are a great example of what is possible.

Don’t forget to poke a hole so you can string them up with some red and white bakers twine!

This is a great DIY Christmas decoration project to do with the kids.

DIY Christmas Snow Globe Soap Pump

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe Christmas Decoration Source: Creative Green Living

If you’re obsessed with having absolutely everything in your home decorated for Christmas then why not turn your soap dispenser into a snow globe with this great tutorial from Creative Green Living.

You just need a mason jar dispenser, mini ceramic Christmas tree and some flat white marbles.

This might just make washing hands fun for the kids!?

Holiday Log Table Centerpiece Decoration

DIY Holiday Table Centrepiece Christmas Decoration Source: Jenna Burger

We think it’s very important to have a really impressive table centerpiece for the Christmas meal. You only do it once a year, so why not go all out!

This woodland inspired log centerpiece from Jenna Burger is one of our favorites. You can either make it fresh or if you want it to last for every Christmas you can go for artificial red berries and pine branches.

Find a good looking log from a local sawmill or tree surgeon if you don’t have a source in your own garden!

DIY Cupcake Tree Ornaments

DIY Cupcake Ornament Christmas Decoration Source: Bake It Pretty via Factory Direct Craft

This is one of our favorite DIY Christmas decorations ever! It looks good enough to eat, but it’s all handmade and a great little project to get the kids involved with.

You’ll need some gold cupcake liners, styrofoam balls, sparkling snowflakes, craft glue and a plastic red berry.

Scrabble Tile and Yard Stick Decorations

DIY Scrabble Letter Art Christmas Decorations Source: Adirondack Girl At Heart

Scrabble tiles are a really stylish and easy way to add wording to your decorations. These yard stick and scrabble letter decorations from Adirondack Girl At Heart are adorable and can be personalized in any way you like.

Just glue your chosen scrabble letters to the yard stick (or other suitable backing) and then trim with any Christmassy decoration you like.

DIY Brown Paper Christmas Garland

DIY Pom Pom Garland Christmas Decorations Source: Country Living

Garlands are a great way to add significant impact to your Christmas decoration scheme. This brown and white paper garland from Country living is so simple to make, cheap and gives just the instant impact you are looking for.

You can use any combination of colored tissue paper you like and just thread them onto some twine.

Snowflake Mason Jar Christmas Decoration

DIY Snowflake Mason Jar Christmas Decoration Source: Mom Dot

Mason jars are such a wonderful way to get creative with your Christmas decorations. These DIY painted snowflake mason jars by Mom Dot are so gorgeous and provide a lovely candle holder.

These would look great on a mantel or as part of a table centerpiece.

There are so many different styles of mason jar too, we love these faceted ones.

DIY Felt and Button Christmas Tree Decoration

DIY Button and Felt Ornament Christmas Decoration Source: Cutesy Crafts

Felt is such a versatile craft material and the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating Christmas decorations. These cute felt and button ornaments from Cutesy Crafts are adorable.

Felt is also so darn cheap! Get a bundle of different colored squares and a bag of buttons and you are away!

DIY Twine Ball Lantern Decoration

DIY String Ball Lantern Christmas Decoration Source: Splash of Something

Twine can be used in so many ways and creating DIY 3 dimensional shapes, such as these lantern spheres from Splash of Something, is one of our favorites.

The process simply involves soaking twine in watered down craft glue and then wrapping around a mould in the shape you want. Once it sets the twine stays in that shape and you can then use then as you wish.

These lanterns give such a gorgeous lighting effect and you can use them to create just the right Christmas atmosphere in your home.

Glittery Pasta Bow Garland

DIY Gold Glitter Bow Pasta Garland Christmas Decorations Source: The Gold Jelly Bean

You don’t get much more simple and crafty than a pasta garland! This amazing idea from The Gold Jelly Bean creates a delicate and stylish garland with just pasta, glitter and twine!

You probably don’t even need a tutorial it’s so simple, but they’ve got it all mapped out for you anyway.

Don’t forget your glitter!

DIY Wrapped Yarn Christmas Ornaments

DIY Yarn Ornaments Christmas Decorations Source: One Little Project

Another great way to use glue-soaked twine or yarn is to wrap them into simple shapes, such as these Christmas decorations from One Little Project.

You simply place pins into a styrofoam tray in the shape you desire and then wind the glue-soaked yarn around the pins.

The final result is a gorgeous little hand crafted ornament which you can paint any color you want!

Snowy Town Scene Mason Jar Decoration

DIY Snowy Township Lantern Christmas Decoration Source: Shabby Art Boutique

We love a winter scene in miniature and this great little craft project from Shabby Art Boutique gives you a really easy way to achieve it.

They have used a mason jar and sprayed it with spray on snow, then added a paper cut town scene around the outside to create a silhouette when a candle is placed inside.

A gorgeous winter townscape in seconds!

Origami Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Origami Mini Christmas Tree Garland Decoration Source: Enduring Vision via Etsy

This awesome origami Christmas tree garland is available from Etsy, but you could also DIY it if you’re good with the paper folding craft!

All you need are some green origami squares, brown twine and this Youtube video!

Simple Cranberry and Pine Table Centerpiece

DIY Cranberry Mason Jar Centrepiece Christmas Decoration Source: A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

We love the simplicity of this Christmas table centerpiece from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. The burlap table runner is the perfect background for a rustic and casual pine and cranberry display that just doesn’t try too hard.

Perfect for those who just don’t have the time for anything more elaborate!

Reindeer String Art Christmas Decoration

DIY Reindeer String Art Christmas Decoration Source: Clean and Scentsible

Reindeer art is always appreciated in our household and this project from Clean and Scentsible is really creative.

Once again it is all about wrapping yarn around pins, but this is more permanent and intricate. This is one DIY decoration you will be pulling out year upon year to show off to your guests!

Rustic DIY Christmas Stocking Holders

DIY Rustic Stocking Holder Christmas Decoration Source: Honey Bear Lane

If you don’t want to nail anything directly into your mantel (and why would you!?) you can make use of a stocking holder that sits on top of the mantel and acts as a counterbalance.

These lovely rustic stocking holders from Honey Bear Lane do just the job and are so cute too! There is plenty of room for customization in the print you use and the knobs on the front.

Winter Scene Christmas Terrariums

DIY Snow Globe Terrarium Scene Christmas Decoration Source: Pink Pistachio

As mentioned, we love a minature winter scene and these terrarium ideas from Pink Pistachio are truly awesome!

You can really go to town with your modelling skills or just keep it simple with a few toys and trinkets laid on cotton wool. The string lights really compliment the scenes and make them stand out.

Rather than spending tons of money of those miniature winter scenes like Department 56, why not create your own!

Wood Slice Christmas Decorations

DIY Wood Slice Ornaments Christmas Decorations Source: Mountain Modern Life

These wood slice ornaments by Mountain Modern Life are quite simple stunning! The varnished wood against the green of the tree is the perfect combination, along with the vintage style lettering.

This project is also not as difficult as it may first seem. Firstly, you can get the wood slices pre-made if you can’t get hold of your own wood and bandsaw! Also, the lettering can be transferred onto the wood with a special technique described in the tutorial. You can even put photos onto them!

You’ll be so proud of these once you’ve created them and so will everyone else!

No Sew Christmas Tree Cushion

DIY No Sew Christmas Cushion Decoration Source: On Sutton Place

It may seem a little extreme to create Christmas cushions, but if you’re careful in your choice of design, such as the tree design by On Sutton Place, then it can be a year-round cushion.

You can make this ‘no-sew’ using Wonder Under fusable webbing, or if you’re happy to sew then go ahead!

Either way, it’s another great way to add more ‘Christmas’ to your home!

DIY Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments

DIY Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments Christmas Decoration Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Aren’t these cute!? This easy to follow tutorial from Easy Peasy and Fun runs you through making these adorable mini yarn beanies for something a little bit different on your Christmas tree.

I guess they’d also be great as Barbie beanies too!

Scrap Wood Lanterns

DIY Scrap Wood Candle Lantern Christmas Decoration Source: Diva of DIY

If you have a selection of scrap wood available then why not turn it all into something really useful and decorative like these lanterns from Diva of DIY?

With a chop saw and a nail gun you could probably knock these out in about 10 mins, but even doing everything by hand would be pretty easy and quick. They are ‘rustic’ after all!

These would be great either indoors or outdoors, although probably not usable for candles, you could put string lights or battery tea lights in them.

Santa and Reindeer Paper Garland

DIY Paper Sleigh and Reindeer Garland Christmas Decorations Source: The Proper Blog

It wouldn’t be right not to have a Santa’s sleigh and reindeer garland up somewhere would it? This simple idea from The Proper Blog makes it very easy and cheap to make your own DIY Christmas sleigh and reindeer decoration with paper and bakers twine.

They provide the template for all the shapes, all you need are some colored paper, scissors and a bit of time on your hands!

Frosted Pine Cone Candle Holder Decorations

DIY Snowy Pine Cone Mason Jar Christmas Decoration Source: Crafts By Amanda

These frosted pine cone mason jars from Crafts by Amanda are another of our favorite craft projects. The combination of mason jar, lace and snowy pine cones is gorgeous and so simple to achieve.

There are so many ways you can use pine cones at Christmas so why not just get a bundle of them (either bought or scavenged!)

You just need a roll of lace trim and some brown twine and off you go!

Reindeer Pom Pom Christmas Garland

DIY Pom Pom Reinder Garland Christmas Decoration Source: Designs By Miss Mandee

You can sometimes get a bit carried away making all your Christmas decorations stylish and perfect, but really it should all be about the kids! These amazing little reindeer pom pom garlands from Designs by Miss Mandee are perfect for crafting with your kids as well as being a great addition to your Christmas decorations.

We love how they all have little name tags too!

Balloon and Paper Festoon Light Garlands

DIY Paper Festoon Light Garland Christmas Decoration Source: Studio DIY

Another DIY Christmas decoration that is a little bit different, these balloon garlands with paper festoon lights by Studio DIY are a really colorful and fun way to decorate your home.

They are also really cheap to make, so that’s a bonus! They are great to make with kids too so you can get stuck in to some family Christmas crafting!

There are loads of great ideas here to inspire you, we know that! That’s what we set out to do! But seriously, we hope you like at least something here and go on to make your own DIY Christmas decorations.

These ideas will be a really good way to keep the cost of Christmas down, have a bit of fun with the family and amaze your guests all in one go.

Happy Christmas crafting guys!