29 Stylish DIY Christmas Garlands

29 Stylish DIY Christmas Garlands

Get your home ready for the Holidays with these stylish, yet simple DIY Christmas garlands. Garlands are a great way to decorate your home as they can have a big impact for minimal effort.

With the repetitive nature of a garland they are perfect for DIY Christmas projects and for getting the kids involved in decorating for Christmas.

We’ve brought together the most stunning DIY Christmas garlands in one place to inspire you and give you the ideas you need to get started with decorating your home for Christmas.

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Now, let’s see these awesome garland ideas…

Book Page Feather Christmas Garland

DIY Book Page Feather Christmas Garland
Source: Life is a Party

This is such a gorgeous garland to start on from Life is a Party. They have been really creative by making feathers from old books and finishing off the tips with gold glitter and sequins.

This can be combined with the minimalist pine sprig garland you will find later in this article to great effect.

This is such an elegant way to create a Christmas garland and we’ll definitely be putting this one up in our home this Christmas!

Pasta Bow Christmas Garland

DIY Pasta Bow Christmas Garland
Source: The Gold Jelly Bean

We love the simplicity of this DIY Christmas garland from The Gold Jelly Bean which just uses pasta bows sprinkled with gold glitter.

Obviously you have some gold glitter left over from the book page feather garland before!

It is simple, but still very elegant and pretty.

Paper Shape Christmas Garland

DIY Paper Shapes Christmas Garland
Source: House and Home

For a really easy, instant impact House and Home have created an awesome paper shape decoration Christmas garland that anyone can do themselves.

This simply involves stringing together a variety of different honeycomb paper shapes such as diamonds, balls, bells and pom poms. You can even get kits of them bundled together.


DIY Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Christmas Garland

DIY Paper Sleigh and Reindeer Christmas Garland
Source: The Proper Blog

You surely can’t have Christmas without a Santa’s sleigh and reindeer garland can you? The Proper Blog has made it super easy with this DIY garland.

The shapes can be cut out of paper, printables are privided! Then simply string them all together and hang in a prominent position.

Bleached Pine Cone Rustic Christmas Garland

DIY Bleached Pine Cone Christmas Garland
Source: Clean and Scentsible

Another quite minimalist Christmas garland from Clean and Scentsible with pine cones and cranberries. They have achieved a bleached effect with the pine cones by, erm, bleaching them!

The addition of cranberries gives the perfect bit of color contrast to the garland. If you want this garland to be reusable you could use artificial cranberries.

Reindeer Pom Pom Christmas Garland

DIY Pom Pom Reindeer Christmas Garland
Source: Designs By Miss Mandee

This one is a bit more fun! A garland of pom pom reindeers from Designs by Miss Mandee that your kids will absolutely adore!

We especially love the little name tags for each reindeer!

DIY Paper Festoon Light Christmas Garland

DIY Paper Festoon Lights Christmas Garland
Source: Studio DIY

A bit of color finally! I know all the other garlands are still beautiful, but sometimes a bit of color is necessary! This Balloon garland from Studio DIY is a great idea, with the garland hanging from helium balloons instead of on a wall, tree or staircase.

These paper festoon light garlands are so easy to make as well, you just need a stack of colored craft paper.

Burlap Chain Christmas Garland

DIY Burlap Chain Christmas Garland
Source: Keeping With The Times

A different take on the classic paper chain garland (more variations to come later in the article) from Keeping with the Times.

We all know how easy paper chain garlands are to make, if a little time consuming, and this is no different. You will just need burlap ribbon in natural, red and green. Or choose any color combinations you like!

Dried Orange and Cinnamon Christmas Garland

DIY Dried Orange and Cinnamon Christmas Garland
Source: JoJoTastic

The Victorians would use foods like dried oranges and popcorn for a lot of their Christmas decorations. Cinnamon would have been a bit expensive back then though.

This sumptuous DIY Christmas garland from JoJoTastic combined oranges and cinnamon in the perfect Christmas aroma combo.

Add in some LED fairy lights for a stunning, natural garland.

DIY Snowflake Pine Christmas Garland

DIY Snowflake Pine Christmas Garland
Source: Stone Gable

This starry snowflake Christmas garland from Stone Gable is simply stunning. It works so well in this settting, but would be amazing anywhere.

You could create the pine garland with foraged pine branches, or buy one ready made. Then add in some paper/card/felt snowflakes and some fairy lights and you’ve created a gorgeous garland masterpiece!

Frosted Pine Cones Christmas Garland

DIY Snowy Pine Cone Christmas Garland
Source: Town & Country Living

Another simply stunning wintery Christmas garland from Town & Country Living. This one with snowy pine cones and a lovely red and white ribbon.

We are a big fan of the natural looking garlands as you may have noticed! This one just requires some pine cones (either foraged or bought as a pack) and some fake snow. You could go with the same red and white ribbon or choose your own style to go with it.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Garland

DIY Gingerbread Man Christmas Garland
Source: Lovely Little Kitchen

These look like gingerbread men but are in fact made with a mixture of cinnamon and applesauce which smells divine!

Thank you to Lovely Little Kitchen for the tutorial. These little cuties are really easy to make, just make sure you poke some holes for the ribbon before baking!

You might need a gingerbread man (or woman!) cookie cutter if you don’t have one already.

DIY Mini Stocking Christmas Garland

DIY Mini Stocking Christmas Garland
Source: Polka Dot Chair

These cute mini stockings make a great garland by Polka Dot Chair.

You can make your own mini stockings very easily, even with the minimum of sewing experience! Use up any scrap material or get some Christmassy fat quarters. Then hang them from twine with some gold bulldog clips.

This could even be used as an advent calendar.

Recycled Mini Stocking Christmas Garland

DIY Recycled Mini Stockings Christmas Garland
Source: Miss Mustard Seed

This alternative mini stocking DIY Christmas garland by Miss Mustard Seed is a little more neutral if that’s what you prefer. It is great for recycling any old tea towels or any material you are discarding really!

DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Garland

DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Garland
Source: Your DIY Family

It may not seem very Christmassy, but who’s to say what Christmas should look like!? We love this simple, natural garland from Your DIY Family that makes use of the beautiful eucalyptus.

You can combine this with some other natural decorations that have a bit more color if you like, but the eucalyptus is such a lovely silvery green background for anything else.

3D Paper Festoon Light Christmas Garland

DIY 3D Paper Festoon Lights Christmas Garland
Source: The House That Lars Built

Ok, so here’s a bit more color for you! These paper festoon lights from The House That Lars Built are one of our favorites and are surprisingly simple to make. Admittedly they use a craft cutting machine, such as the Cricut, but even if you are using scissors it’s not too complicated.

This is designed as an advent calendar but we think they look great just as a garland.

Air Dry Clay Star Christmas Garland

DIY Air Dry Clay Star Christmas Garland
Source: Lily Ardor

We adore these cute air dry clay stars on this Christmas garland from Lily Ardor. The really great thing about this tutorial is that is uses a homemade air dry clay! Even more savings!

Once the clay stars are made and dry you simply wrap the copper wire fairy lights around them and you have a beautiful, dainty garland!

If you don’t want to make the clay, you can buy air dry clay ready made.

Gingerbread Letters Christmas Garland

Source: Hello Wonderful

Decorations that can be eaten are always welcome, if a little tempting to young kids and dogs! These lovely fat gingerbread letter garlands from Hello Wonderful are a brilliant way to display Holiday messages.

Baking your decorations gives you the benefit of saving a lot of money as well as doing something fun with the kids.

You may need some letter cookie cutters for this job, I’m sure they’ll get used again soon!

DIY Jumbo Jingle Bell Christmas Garland

DIY Giant Jingle Bell Christmas Garland
Source: Jones Design Company

A really simple DIY Christmas garland from Jones Design Company, but one that evokes the Christmas spirit perfectly, especially if it get jingled now and then!

DIY Flet Tassel Christmas Garland

DIY Felt Tassle Christmas Garland
Source: Tell Love and Party

If you want some colorful garlands and don’t want to spend much time and money on them then these felt tassel garlands from Tell Love and Party are perfect!

All you will need to do is cut up some strips of felt and tie them to some twine. Job done!

Scandi Geometric Christmas Garland

DIY Scandi Geometric Christmas Garland
Source: The House That Lars Built

Scandinavian style is something that will never go out of fashion and this amazing scandi geometric Christmas garland from The House That Lars Built is a great way to bring some into your home this Christmas.

All you will need are some wooden beads, twine and straws (we prefer these wheat straws which are biodegradable).

Pine Lettering Christmas Garland

DIY Chic Pine Lettering Christmas Garland
Source: Homey Oh My

This is a rather chic and understated way to display Christmas messages as a garland. The pine twigs are held in shape by gardening wire and we particularly like the casual way the garland has been held up with washi tape.

This is a very minimalist look and would definitely suit a scandi style christmas.

Clay Geometric Christmas Garland

DIY Geometric CLay Christmas Garland
Source: Lia Griffith

We’re a big fan of geometric shapes and combining them with snowflakes as in this DIY Christmas garland from Lia Griffith is a great idea.

You can use air dry clay for this, along with some snowflake shapes.

Birch Bark Paper Christmas Garland

DIY Birch Bark Christmas Garland
Source: Dream a Little Bigger

How great are these birch bark garlands from Dream a Little Bigger? So original, even though they are just chain garlands.

Admittedly this could get expensive if you wanted to make a lot of them, but for short lengths I don’t think you could find anything much more beautiful than this!

You just need some sheets of birch bark which you cut into strips and then make the chains as normal.

DIY Felt Holly and Pom Pom Christmas Garland

DIY Felt Holly and Pom Pom Christmas Garland
Source: Minted

This elegant felt holly and pom pom garland from Minted is super stylish and will work with almost any scheme.

It would be hard to make this and for it not to look professional. The materials do all the work for you!

You just need some green felt and some pom poms.

Felt Snowy Mountain Christmas Garland

DIY Snowy Mountain Christmas Garland
Source: Art Campla

Excellent! More uses for your bundle of felt squares! This awesome snowy mountain garland from Art Campla is really cute and would suit a ski lodge style Christmas down to the ground.

It is a really easy DIY Christmas garland to make as well so great to save you time and also for your kids to help out with.

DIY Pine Sprig Christmas Garland

DIY Minimalist Pine Sprig Christmas Garland
Source: The Merry Thought

Similar to the eucalyptus garland earlier, this pine sprig garland from The Merry Thought is so simple and minimalist but still beautiful.

This works especially well against a white wall.

We also love the white pom pom garland over the mantel. Two garland ideas for the price of one!

Sugar Plum Shapes Christmas Garland

DIY Sugar Plum Shapes Christmas Garland
Source: A Subtle Revelry

Back to some more color and excitement! This awesome sugar plum shapes garland from A Subtle Revelry is simple gorgeous.

They look like Liquorice All Sorts! These would be really fun to make with the kids and make a great alternative Christmas tree garland.

Garlands are an integral part of your Christmas decorations but can become expensive. There are so many ways to create DIY Christmas garlands, as we’ve demonstrated here, that you should feel confident enough to make your own and save some money in the process.

We feel we’ve really gathered some gems here and hope that you have found some inspiration and ideas that you can use for your Christmas decorations this year.

Enjoy your garland creating Christmas Crafters!