21 Perfect DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

21 Perfect DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is all about giving, right? Watching your child, friend, mother, husband or whoever it is open your Christmas gift to them is priceless. Now how about if that gift is made with your own fair hands!

Giving a handmade Christmas gift is a very special thing, and you don’t even need to be particularly skilled at crafts. There are many ways to DIY a Christmas gift and for it to still be amazing.

These DIY Christmas gift ideas are really quite incredible. Whomever you are giving them to will never guess they were homemade, but will be so impressed when they find out!

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Let’s have a look at these awesome DIY Christmas gifts!

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

My first thought at seeing these sensational marbled ring dishes by A Beautiful Mess was “No way can I make them!” but once you get stuck in they are really easy and fun to make.

If there is a jewellery fanatic among your family and friends then this might just be the perfect gift.

Perhaps make a few for the really fantatical jewellery hoarders!

Healthy Chewy No Bake Granola Bars

Giving food as a gift at Christmas is quite a traditional thing to do and there’s no reason you can’t keep that going with these delicious and super healthy granola bars from Happy Kitchen.

It’s all i the presentation with this gift and the use of baking parchment and twine to give a rustic look is a great idea.

Just don’t eat them all before you give them!

Gold and Rose Petal Bath Bombs

Bath bombs will always go down well with the girls in the family. These gorgeous gold and rose petal bath bombs from Adventures of a Military Family of 8 are perfect!

Wrap them up in some pink tissue paper and pop them in a nice box and you’re done!

Easy Air Dry Clay Earrings

These clay earrings by Little Red Window are really quite impressive. We love the feather design and the colours they’ve used are bang on trend.

Of course, you could make whatever shape and colour you like. You can get really creative with this gift and anyone would be impressed with the results!

Salted Caramel Walnuts with Rosemary

Well I don’t know about you but my mouth is watering at the sight of these salted caramel walnuts by Happy Kitchen!

Another fantastic foodie gift which would work great as a small gift for friends or as part of a stocking.

Giving a food gift just feels more special I think!

DIY Leather Camera Strap

For the photography expert you could make this unique leather camera strap from Almost Makes Perfect.

They will love how much more tactile the leather strap feels and how much trendier they look carrying their camera!

You could always personalise it with leather craft if you wanted to make something a bit more special.

Triangle Leather Pouch

These little triangular leather pouches, also from Almost Makes Perfect, are a really unique object that will go down so well with anyone you give it to.

We love the different coloured leather they’ve used. It’s such a cute gift and something that would be cherished and well-used which is important in a handmade gift.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Crackers

You could combine this Christmas gift from Tikkido with a selection of cheeses for someone you know loves their cheese! It would add a lovely personal touch to the gift.

I’m a big fan of crackers and would love to get a batch of these to use for hummus dipping, cheese boards, snacks, etc.

Pine Cone Fire Starters

Fire starters as a gift!? Yes! These wonderful little pine cone fire starters by Something Turquoise make the simple act of lighting a fire easier and more visually appealing!

Also, they are so much more attractive sitting next to the fire than a box of shop bought fire starters!

Easy Flannel Infinity Scarf

The 90s have come back around! Flannel is back in fashion! This amazing flannel infinity scarf by Swoodson Says is a really great idea for a Christmas gift.

It’s such an easy project, but the double trendiness of the infinity and scarf and flannel pattern will be well received!

Just in time for the really cold weather!

DIY Arty Tea Towel

Ok, so far we’ve given fire starters, crackers and an old bit of flannel as Christmas gifts, and now we want to give tea towels!? That’s right!

Tea towels are a great gift because you can create something very personalised and special and it is something that you know will be used every day.

These awesome DIY tea towels by Lana Red Studio are so beautiful and easy to make.

Yarn Ball Pom Pom Bookmark

Book worms in the family will adore this yarn ball pom pom bookmark from Design Mom, trust us! I hate having to lay my book face down to keep the page, or even using an old sock!

Seeing this colourful pom pom bookmark when they pick their book up again will bring a smile to their face every time!

Twenty Minute Tote Bag

If you’ve got a lot of gifts to make in a very short space of time then these awesome tote bags by Purl Soho will do just the job.

You can make each one unique to whoever you’re giving it to. And believe me, they’ll appreciate it! You can never have enough good looking everyday bags!

Arm Knitted Chunky Blanket

A chunky knit blanket is probably on everybody’s Pinterest board somewhere, yet no-one really has one! Why not make it easy for them and give them one you made yourself!

This great tutorial from Happy Happy Nester give the lowdown on making an arm knitted blanket.

Handmade Rustic Wooden Coasters

These rustic coasters by Making It In The Mountains are so cute and easy to make (even easier if you buy the wood slices).

Obviously you could use whatever design comes to mind on your coasters, perhaps personalising it to the recipient.

Flower Pressing Glass Frames

Flower pressing is a bit of a forgotten art. I remember doing it once when I was very little and never saw a pressed flower again for 30 years!

These beautiful black frames used by Country Living to display pressed flowers are so on trend, they could single handedly bring flower pressing back into the mainstream!

If you know of someone that has a particular preference for certain flowers you could plan in advance with this gift and surprise them with a everlasting display of their favourites!

Gold Initial Personalised Mugs

Seriously, these look so professional! These gold initial mugs by Ernest Home Co. are such a great idea for a Christmas gift.

You don’t have to stop at initials, you could pick something that your gift recipient is obsessed with and embalzon it on the mug in gold!

DIY Splatter Planter

Along the same lines as the mug in the previous entry, these upcycled planters from The Merry Thought are perfect for the green fingered friends or family members.

Again, you can go crazy with the creativity on these, but the gold dipped, paint splattered versions here are really quite pretty.

Add in some succulents and it’s a job well done!

DIY Wine Bottle Stopper

These wine bottle stoppers from 2 Bees in a Pod are such a simple idea but glam up your open wine bottles a treat!

You could also get the kids involved in making these Christmas gifts.

Marbled Kindle or Tablet Cover

This marbled tablet cover from Sugar and Cloth is an inspired way to update a bland tablet cover into something far more exciting!

Perfect for the avid e-reader or those who are glued to their tablets!

Personalised Pillow or Cushion

We love the idea behind these personalised pillows by The Idea Room. You can of course add anything you want on to the pillow to customise it to your recipient.

You could pick a pillow or cushion you really like and try to recreate the design. A great way to create something totally special on a tight budget.

These DIY Christmas gift ideas are really eye opening. It’s amazing what you can create with a little bit of inspiration.

Handmade Christmas gifts will always go down well. The extra bit of thought put into making something you know someone will love helps make the act of giving that bit sweeter!

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Get cracking creating some amazing handmade Christmas gifts this year!