33 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

33 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments seem to go up in price every year, especially if you want something really unique and interesting. To counter effect this, it can be a really good idea to make your own DIY Christmas tree ornaments.

Making your own ornaments will not only save you money, it will also be fun, especially if you are doing it with kids.

We have brought together what we think are the best DIY Christmas tree ornaments out there in one place for you. There are some amazing projects in this list and we’re sure you will find something perfect for you, or at least find inspiration to make your own Christmas tree ornaments.

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Let’s take a peek at these ornaments then!

DIY Frosted Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Bake It Pretty via Factory Direct Craft

This might just be our favorite ornament of all time! This stunning frosted cupcake ornament looks good enough to eat (maybe you need to hang them out of reach!?)

It’s also relatively simple to make with some gold cupcake linersstyrofoam ballssparkling snowflakes, craft glue and a plastic red berry.

This will make your Christmas tree really stand out! To follow on from the theme, why not add some glazed donuts which you will see later in this article.

DIY Vintage Gold Button Ornament

DIY Gold Button Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Live Love DIY

Oh my, maybe I shouldn’t have chosen a favorite so soon! This vintage gold button ornament from Live Love DIY is simply gorgeous!

If you have a vintage theme going on with your Christmas tree decorations this year then this would fit right in.

It’s also so simple to make relative to the gorgeousness you are creating! Just a styrofoam ball with vintage buttons stuck around the outside (using a glue gun).

DIY Wrapped Yarn Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Yarn Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: One Little Project

We love the simplicity and vibrancy of these wrapped yarn ornaments by One Little Project. They will really stand out on your Christmas tree and are a great DIY project for older kids to get involved with.

You can create any shape you want by laying out the pins in the desired shape and then dipping the yarn in watered down craft glue before wrapping it around the pins.

Once set these can be painted any color and you could even add embellishments such as (plastic) diamonds!

10 Minute Santa Ornament

DIY Santa Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: The Long Thread

If you are short on time (and money) this 10 minute Santa ornament project from The Long Thread is ideal to create something cute and stylish, quickly.

You just need a wooden ball and some felt. You could create several different colored Santas, which might turn it into a 60 minute job!


DIY Wood Slice Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Mountain Modern Life

These wood slice ornaments from Mountain Modern Life are another of our favorites (we’re collecting quite a few favorites here…).

The wood against the green of the tree is a stunning effect and combined with the vintage lettering these ornaments will impress anyone checking out your Christmas tree decorations.

They are actually quite simple to make once you have the wood slices. These slices can be made by cutting up a log of about 1.5″ – 2″ or you can buy them ready made!

DIY Mini Yarn Hat Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Mini Yarn Hat Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Oh, these yarn hats are so cute aren’t they? Why go for the traditional Christmas tree ornaments when you can have something a bit more fun like these mini yarn hats by Easy Peasy and Fun.

They are actually really easy to make and you can pair them with the mini skis that you will find later in this article.

DIY Geometric Straw Ornament

DIY Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Elsie Marley

We love a bit of geometry in this household and these 3D geometrical straw ornaments are a great idea from Elsie Marley.

Really easy too, which can only be a good thing. You’ll just need some thread and some straws. You could either go for the cheap plastic straws or if you are a bit more eco-conscious you could get these plant based compostable straws.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: The Crafted Blog

You can get some more use out of those felt squares you bought earlier! These stunning felt Christmas tree ornaments from The Crafted Blog are so colorful and well designed.

They do involve a bit of sewing, but I don’t think it’s too taxing and you really don’t need to be perfect! Just remember to get some pillow stuffing to pad them out a bit.

DIY Book Page Bird Ornament

DIY Book Page Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: By Stephanie Lynn

Book pages are a really great material to use for crafts and this lovely little bird ornament from By Stephanie Lynn is a great example.

As with many of these DIY Christmas tree ornaments, this is a very easy project and a great way to use unwanted books that you don’t think anyone would like or are in too damaged a state.

DIY Country Style Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Trinkets In Bloom

There might be more sewing involved here, but if you use the same color thread as the burlap then you really don’t have to be neat.

These country style ornaments by Trinkets In Bloom are really cute and will fit into almost any scheme. You could also string them up as a garland over your mantel or front door.

DIY Mini Skis and Poles Ornament

DIY Miniature Skis Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: 21 Rosemary Lane

We love miniatures of anything and these cute miniature skis from 21 Rosemary Lane are right up our street!

They make use of classic craft materials such as the popsicle sticks and toothpicks, while adding in some detail with the use of sew on snap buttons on the ski poles.

If you are a ski fanatic then these are a must have Christmas tree ornament!

Snowman Tea Light Ornaments

DIY Tea Light Snowman Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: One Little Project

These little snowman tea light ornaments from One Little Project are so original and such great use of battery powered tea lights! It’s almost as if they were made especially for this reason!

A great project to do with kids and hopefully you already have the mini pom poms and pipe cleaners in your craft kit!

DIY Scrabble Letter Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Scrabble Tile Let It Snow Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: Crafts By Amanda

Scrabble letters are so useful as a craft material and this gorgeous ‘Let It Snow’ ornament from Crafts By Amanda is a great example of their appeal.

The Scrabble letters are simply glued together, a little fake snow added to tie in with the words and then the whole thing is strung up.

Of course you could make up your own wording, the fake snow will probably still work well! 😉

DIY Twine Ball Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Twine Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Love Grows Wild

If you are trying to create a natural look to your Christmas tree ornaments, this awesome twine ball ornament from Love Grows Wild would be a perfect addition.

You just nee some brown twine and some watered down craft glue.

A great tip in addition to the tutorial is to blow up your balloon and use a plastic bag sealing clip to hold the air in until the twine is set. Then you can re-use the balloon!

DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments


DIY Frosty Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Kids Craft Room

Pine cones are the ideal craft material for Christmas decorations and the glittery pine cone ornaments in this project from Kids Craft Room are a great example.

You can go out and collect your pine cones or just buy a bundle of them for several projects. Just remember to bake them to kill off any bugs hiding inside.

DIY Vintage Style Thumb Tack Ornament

DIY Thumbtack Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Sarah Hearts

If you want another great addition to a vintage theme on your Christmas tree, this thumb tack ornament from Sarah Hearts is such a fantastic idea!

All you need is a styrofoam ball and some thumb tacks! You could even make this is a variety of colored thumb tacks.

DIY Sprinkles Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Sprinkles Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: Gimme Some Oven

Clear glass or plastic ornaments are a great product to help you DIY your own Christmas tree ornaments. These sprinkles ornaments from Gimme Some Oven make great use of them to create something quite unique and colorful.

If you prefer the safety of plastic ornaments then you can get some that look very much like their glass counterparts.

You can use sprinkles to line the insides, as in the tutorial, or you could use glitter, fake snow, metallic paint, gold flecks. The world is your oyster!

DIY Felt Brown Bear Ornament

DIY Felt Bear Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: Lia Griffith

Grab those felt squares one more time (you didn’t use the brown ones yet, did you?). These adorable brown bear Christmas tree ornaments by Lia Griffith are amazing!

She also has tutorials for a fox, racoon, deer, rabbit and many more woodland animals and plants!

DIY Disney’s Frozen Elsa Ornament (And Other Disney Movies!)

DIY Elsa Frozen Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: As The Bunny Hops

These gorgeous Disney ornaments from As The Bunny Hops are sure to be a favorite with the kids. This Elsa ornament is our particular favorite and once again uses the clear ornament blanks to great effect.

Another awesome project to get your kids involved in.

DIY Beaded Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Beaded Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: Paging Fun Mums

This clever project from Paging Fun Mums could be put into the category of DIY vintage Christmas tree ornaments with it’s ceramic-effect finish.

Get your bag of pine cones out for this one. They just need to be spray painted green and left to dry before colored glass beads are glued to the ‘branches’.

This is a great project to improve kids fine motor skills!

DIY Blue and White Ceramic Ornaments

DIY Blue and White Clay Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Crafting With Kid

Blue and white is always an appealing combination and these stunning DIY ornaments from Crafting With Kid are a nod to blue and white ceramic plates that adorn many walls.

These have been made with polymer clay and some pretty handy tools have been used to create some of the more intricate details, such as a clay gun extruder for the snowflake.

DIY Clothes Pin Soldier Ornaments

DIY Clothes Pin Soldier Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: Altogether Christmas

These little soldiers by Altogether Christmas are really cute and will clip directly on to your Christmas tree branches, or can be hung with string.

All you need are some round top clothes pins, gold braid, pipe cleaners and pom poms.

DIY 3 Dimensional Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY 3D Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Picklebums

These fantastic 3 D paper ornaments from the amazingly named Picklebums are a good upgrade from just flat paper ornaments.

You will just need some scissors, an interesting pack of craft paper and a glue stick.

DIY Mini Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament

DIY Popsicle Stick Sleds Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Clean and Scentsible

This adorable little sled ornament from Clean and Scentsible can be added to your mini skis and mini bobble hats from earlier.

Another great craft project to get your kids doing using their popsicle stick craft supplies!

Dried Citrus Fruit Ornaments

DIY Citrus Slice Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Evermine

A Victorian favorite, this dried citrus fruit ornament from Evermine is a really cost effective, environmentally friendly and easy way to decorate your Christmas tree.

There’s not even much of a need for a tutorial, although if you don’t have a dehydrator as they do in the above tutorial then you could use this method from Thinly Spread to dry them out.

DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ornaments

DIY Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Happy Hooligans

Now we’re talking, right!? These simple, yet awesome teenage mutant ninja turtle ornaments from Happy Hooligans are so cool and can be easily made by kids.

Another craft supplies staple, the toilet roll, makes an outing here. Then all you need are some appropriately colored ribbons and some googly eyes!

DIY Gold Flecked Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Confetti Dipped Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: A Joyful Riot

This could either be made from scratch with new baubles or you could upcyle old baubles with the addition of gold flecks. Either way it’s a great idea from A Joyful Riot.

Just cost half the bauble in glue and dip it in a bowl of gold flecks. Easy Peasy!

DIY Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

DIY Bottle Cap Snowman Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Amy Latta Creations

If you put your mind to it you could probably make DIY Christmas tree ornaments out of virtually anything, as demonstrated by Amy Latta Creations with this bottle cap snowman ornament!

They’re pretty cute and also have great eco-credentials with their use of waste materials!

DIY Winter Wonderland Scene Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Winter Wonderland Scene Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: Craftberry Bush

We do love a miniature scene here at The Crafty Christmas and this stunning winter scene from Craftberry Bush delivers delightfully!

They have used a clear ornament bauble with fake snow and a model tree. Very simple but very effective!

DIY Cork Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Cork Reindeer Christmas Tree Ornaments
Source: The Homeless Finch

Oh, well this is now are absolute favorite ornament from The Homeless Finch. Congratulations. Entries are now closed!

This is simply adorable and makes great use of those unwanted corks from ALL those bottles of wine! Also makes use of more of that big bag of googly eyes you bought earlier! 😉

Cinnamon Salt Dough Gingerbread Man Ornament

DIY Cinnamon Salt Dough Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: Treasure In An Earthan Vessel

Gingerbread men are synonymous with Christmas, for some reason, so these brilliant cinnamon salt dough gingerbread men from Treasure in an Earthan Vessel are great ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Very low cost and a nice baking project to do with the kids.

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Ornaments

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Christmas Ornaments
Source: Color Made Happy

I think you could just about do this to any small Christmas related trinket you wanted to. Nail polish marbelling seems like a great idea from Color Made Happy to bring a little funky color into your Christmas tree decorations.

You could make some salt dough decorations first and then marble them! Or just get some small Christmas decorations and marble them.

DIY Glazed Donut Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Glazed Donut Christmas Tree Ornament
Source: 365 Designs

This delicious looking glazed donut ornament from 365 Designs would go perfectly with the cupcake ornament from earlier.

You can choose your frosting and topping of course, but we love the classic pink frosting and sprinkles!

Just remember you can’t eat them!

There are so many amazing ideas here for you DIY Christmas tree ornaments. There are even loads of themes within the list that we’ve been able to pair up!

It’s so much fun creating your own Christmas tree ornaments and makes the whole thing so much more personal, especially if your kids have been involved.

Hopefully you now have the inspiration, knowledge and motivation to go out and DIY your Christmas tree ornaments this year!

Go Crafty Christmassers, Go!

(nb. Christmassers is a totally made up word, but I’m campaigning for dictionary inclusion!)