19 Awesome DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

19 Awesome DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Do you love decorating your front yard for Christmas? I think we should abandon any thoughts of being tacky or over-the-top and get our outdoor Christmas decoration game on!

There is nothing like the sense of excitement and joy around the Holiday season and coming home to a well decorated front yard this Christmas will just help make it all the better.

You don’t need to spend a fortune making your outdoors stand out among your neighbors, you can DIY virtually anything! We’ve brought together this amazing list of DIY outdoor Christmas decorations to make your life easier and your wallet sigh in relief!

You’ll definitely find inspiration here to create some awesome outdoor decorations of your own.

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Without further ado, let’s look at these outdoor Christmas decorations in more detail!

Front Door Oversized Gift Tag Decorations

DIY Front Door Gift Tags Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: Kenneth Wingard

These amazing giant gift tag decorations by Kenneth Wingard are a great way to greet your guests to your home (or yourselves when you come home!).

The trusty spray on snow combined with some thin wooden gift tags on rope give a great opportunity to get some Christmassy words on display.

It’s a nice easy project that has big bang for your buck!

Giant DIY Christmas Baubles

DIY Giant Ornaments Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: DIY Cuteness

We love these giant baubles from DIY Cuteness that hang from a garland. If there is one thing you want from an outdoor decoration, it is to stand out and these baubles do that brilliantly.

If you can’t find the large colored plastic balls you could get some beach balls and spray paint them various colors.

Giant Wooden Star Outdoor Decoration

DIY Wooden Star Light Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: Duke Manor Farm

This stunning large wooden star by Duke Manor Farm is one of our favorite outdoor decorations and can be dressed up with string lights to shine brightly.

They are really simple to make and are a great way to decorate any large trees you have outside. You could also hang them over your windows.

You can make large wooden snowflakes in a similar way if you wanted to get more creative!

DIY Paper Plate Lollipop Outdoor Decorations

DIY Paper Plate Lollipops Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: Smart School House

This is the cheaper and easier way to achieve the giant lollipop look, with just paper plates decorated and fixed to a dowel, then wrapped in cellophane.

If you are on a tight budget, this is a wonderful way to make your front yard that little bit more fun at Christmas!

Pool Noodle Lollipop Outdoor Christmas Decoration

DIY Pool Noodle Lollipops Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: The SITS Girls

So, here is the lightly improved version of the lollipop decoration from The SITS Girls. This one uses a pool noodle wrapped in tape to produce a stripe and then rolled up.

Both of these lollipop projects are great to carry out with kids.

Recycled Plastic Cup Snowman

DIY Plastic Cup Snowman Outdoor Chrstmas Decoration
Source: DIY Cuteness

This is a wonderful way to recycle plastic cups rather than just throwing them away. There are several ways you can go about it, but we love this Olaf snowman.

This would be an awesome project to do with the kids and a great introduction to recycling.

DIY Giant Cupcake Outdoor Christmas Decoration

DIY Giant Cupcake Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: DIY Cuteness

Cupcakes make great ornaments, they are cute and elicit a positive feeling. These giant cupcakes are a fantastic way to create a larger than life outdoor version for your Christmas decorations.

All you need are some large plastic plant pots, expanding foam and a red plastic ball for the cherry.

Be careful with the expanding foam, it gets bigger!!

Life Size Nutcracker Soldier Outdoor Decoration

DIY LIfesize Nutcracker Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Source: Kenneth Wingard

This life size nutcracker by Kenneth Wingard is impressive, and that is exactly what your guests will be thinking when they see it in your front yard!

It may look impossible, but when you break down each part it’s all just a collection of painted plastic parts put together.

It will certainly be a talking point in your neighborhood!

DIY Cinder Block Gift Outdoor Decoration

DIY Cinder Block Gift Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Source: Club Chica Circle

Such a simple DIY outdoor Christmas decoration from Club Chica Circle. Just a cinder block painted silver and red with a plastic bow on top!

Just remember it’s heavier than it looks!

DIY Giant Silver Bells Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: Kenneth Wingard

Kenneth Wingard has come up with some sensational DIY outdoor Christmas decorations and this is one of his best.

These silver bells look really professional, but it is easy to achieve the same look yourself with some plastic plant pots, silver spray paint and plastic red baubles.

DIY North Pole Mailbox Christmas Decoration

DIY North Pole Santa Mailbox Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Source: Hallmark

You can’t have Christmas without letters to Santa and this gorgeous North Pole mailbox from Hallmark does the perfect job of receiving them!

If you don’t have an old mailbox you can re-purpose, then you can make one with a 1/4″ plywood box and 1/8″ plywood for the curved top.

DIY Christmas Light Balls

DIY Christmas Light Balls
Source: Christmas Lights Etc

To make a big front yard Christmas statement at night, these Christmas light balls from Christmas Lights Etc are a really inexpensive solution that packs a punch.

All you need is some poultry mesh and outdoor fairy lights in your chosen color.

These can just sit on the ground or be hung from trees or verandas to really upscale your front yard decorations.

DIY Rustic Pallet Outdoor Christmas Tree

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Outdoor Decoration
Source: The Whimsical Wife

This is a really stylish, yet simple outdoor Christmas tree decoration from The Whimsical Wife. It can be pegged in the ground, leaned against your front wall, hung over a window. The options are many!

With just a saw and a hammer you can easily create this Christmas tree shape and then paint it in anyway you desire. You could also add some outdoor fairy lights to really take it to the next level.

DIY Birdseed Christmas Ornaments

DIY Birdseed Ornaments Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: Knuckle Salad

Let’s think about our feathered friends at Christmas with these cute birdseed ornaments from Knuckle Salad that are really easy to make.

You will need some birdseed (obviously!) and some Christmas cookie cutter shapes. Great project to do with the kids, along with some bird watching (for which you might need some kids binoculars and a bird watching book!)

DIY Pool Noodle Candy Cane Outdoor Decoration

DIY Pool Noodle Candy Cane Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Source: Trendy Tree

You can’t have a front yard Christmas display without some candy canes! Seriously, those are the rules!

These really cheap pool noodle candy canes from Trendy Tree are the perfect solution for a tight budget and something the kids can get involved with.

All you need are some pool noodles, red and white tape and a garden stake.

DIY PVC Pipe Candy Canes

DIY PVC Pipe Cand Cane Lights Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Source: DIY Show Off

Another way of creating candy canes is with PVC pipe and fittings. This great example from DIY Show Off is really professional and includes lights!

This would look great at your front door, or line your garden path with them!

DIY Santa’s Sleigh Outdoor Decoration

DIY Santa Sleigh Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Source: Kenneth Wingard

Kenneth Wingard is at it again with this awesome Santa’s sleigh front yard display. This project is a bit more involved than some of the others but what an impact it will have on your outdoor Christmas decorations!

You could make this so that it is flat packed for storage outside of the Holiday season.

Why not add some reindeer to pull your sleigh!? Read on to the next project for a great reindeer display!

Log Reindeer Outdoor Decoration

DIY Log Reindeer Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Source: Designer Trapped

You could make this to add to your Santa’s sleigh in the previous example, or just make it to be a stand alone decoration. Either way, this rustic log reindeer from Designer Trapped would be a great addition to your outdoor Christmas decorations.

If you don’t have the wood available yourselves, you could try your local sawmill or tree surgeons.

This one is a real favorite with the kids!

Giant Gingerbread Man Outdoor Christmas Decoration

DIY Gingerbread Man Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Source: Hallmark

We love this giant gingerbread man from Hallmark. It’s so fun and original.

You can make this so cheaply with polystyrene sheet and brown paint. The white icing could either be done with white rope, as in the tutorial, or with white silicone caulk.

You don’t have to stop at gingerbread men though, you can use the same method to create almost anything, such as reindeer, snowflakes, bells, stars and even Santa!

It can be a bit daunting trying to come up with an awesome front yard Christmas display without spending a ton of money. We hope we have shown you that there is a way to create your own DIY outdoor Christmas decorations easily and cheaply.

We’re off to plan out this year’s outdoor Christmas display to make it the best ever!

Enjoy your own Christmas crafting!